Eksa is an exercise in ultimate purity of sound, and uses in-house designed and produced class A discrete OP amps. It is also the perfect companion to Soma, which excels in the beauty of sound and has an enhancing nature, whereas Eksa gives precision, wide Q value range and much more frequencies.


The topology is derived from Sontec, but the Q circuit is heavily modified and much more complex to attain independent behavior of noise and whole range gain, not depending on Q setting. You can read more about this from the manual.


There are 28 discrete operational amplifiers in Eksa. They use jfet inputs and outputs, and always work in class A. There are 2 op amps for the basic signal route, and 2 op amps for each band per channel. There are also DC servos for each band and the basic amps. The servos are tuned very low, so that their effect on audio range would be minimal. The time constants are more than one minute, and the servos use high quality OP amps and polypropylene caps to further improve the situation. And like always in Knif gear, there are no potentiometers, just Elma rotary switches.


Power supply is external.


The sound is very, very transparent. Like nothing else. Accurate but not harsh.


We now offer Eksa in five different versions. Standard, Standard with gain+filter section (4 units high), Optionally ganged version, and Optionally ganged with filters (4 units high). 2+2 channel, ganged version for tape to vinyl transfer is also available.

The optionally ganged versions use double amount of rotary switch wafers on left channel and relay boards to switch right channel to be controlled from left channel knobs.


Prices (VAT 0)

Standard 8400€

Standard with gain+filters 9500€

Optionally ganged 10 900€

Optionally ganged with filters 12 500€

2+2 channel, ganged version 16 000€