K804 Mic

Note: This mic has been undergoing a substantial redesign. New pictures will follow later, but you can take a look at the photos on Knif Audio instagram where it is featured with a Gefell 102 in a sphere.

With the typical Knif practices all electrolytic capacitors are eliminated from the signal path and anode power supply. Signal from the NOS Telefunken EF804S tube’s anode is taken to Lundahl output transformer through Mundorf Tin foil cap. I dare to say that this is the most transparent sounding tube microphone head amp, which effortlessly delivers the signal picked up by the capsule and delivers it to mic pre amp.

Directivity pattern can be adjusted from the power supply in nine steps from figure eight to omni. There is also a -15dB pad. Cabling is Mogami.

Power supplies are available in 1, 2 and 5 channel versions.

The mic can be equipped with several capsule models.

Price depends on capsule type.