Vari Mu

Vari Mu II is a mastering grade compressor, which of course excels in mixing too. Input and output attenuators as well as threshold switches are 23-position Elma rotary switches and the rest are 11 position Elma switches.  Knobs are from Elma soft touch series. All signal transformer are Lundahl’s oversized models.

Calibration of the compression tube balance is easy with internal signal generator and front panel trimmers.

It is very versatile due to separate input and output trims and a ratio switch. In MS-mode you can fine tune the stereo width according to the compression or your taste. Note that you can not adjust the width with input and output pads, because they are located “outside” the coding and hence work in normal stereo mode. MS-coders can be switched on independently to make the compressor to work as an MS-coding or decoding device in the signal chain.




Download the manual form the link below.