This microphone uses a genuine K87 or K67 (practically identical) capsule. Combine that with a triode connected pentode tube, and you have a Neumann U67. Or do you? It was easily proven that using premium electronics had a big impact on the sound.

K804 mic uses no electrolytic capacitors in the signal path. Coupling cap from the tube to transformer is a high grade polypropylene capacitor. The tube is used with "fixed bias" to avoid cathode by pass cap. Output transformer is a superb Lundahl unit providing resonance free top end and lots of bass headroom. The tube is original Telefunken EF804S which is the most silent, robust and linear small signal pentode ever made. It lasts easily 100000 hours and is free from microphonics.

All this leads to exceptional detail and presense. Self noise is minimal. The power supply has a 9-position switch for directional patterns, from omni to figure of eight, including all the intermediate positions. Because changing directinal pattern also affects proximity effect, one can fine tune it to suit any singer. One does never run into "this mike sounds good, but it has too much / too little proximity" -situation.

Max SPL @ 1% distortion (without pad)120 dB
Max output level+8 dBu
Output impedance160 Ohm
Sensitivity30mV / Pa

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