Vari Mu II

Here are the two metering options for Vari Mu II. The cat is optional. The single panel, double needle meter is highly recommended for mastering, but mastering only.

Pure Mu

V804 Pre

This V804 Pre has DI-inputs.

K804 Mic

Pictures from a proto


Knif gear with OP-amps inside, what the heck!

This is a custom made mastering "volume knob". Best parts only, Shallco 45-position rotary switch for main volume, and Elma 23-postition for B-input to make "before" and "after" comparison easy. Main volume has 1dB steps, and B-volume trim 0,5dB steps to really tell where you are going.

OP-amps are Burr Brown OPA627 which is hard to beat in this application. Every input has its own input debalancing amps. Signal path is single ended and not balanced in output, but left quasi balanced for minimum amount of components in the signal path.

There is also a mono and stereo output for a subwoofer. This box is how ever not loaded with features but offers quality to the last detail and fulfills the needs for an absolutely neutral and long lasting volume controller. No potentiometers, no capacitors in signal path. Just two superb OP-amps and a couple of gold point relays.

Updated Thu Oct 18 23:03:23 2012